British-passports Quick info

Passports are one of must have docs, other than election ID card, driving licenses and so forth. In case you require travelling abroad it is good to have it ready beforehand. If you need to know anything regarding your or friends or relatives passports, feel free to reach out to Passport-Office through dedicated passport helpline. Following section briefs on eligibility criteria and fees for various British-Passports.

  • Passport-Service

    Passport-Check and Send-Service is available in Post Office in order to lessen chances of getting applications rejected. It verifies whether the details are correctly filled, has required supporting-documents attached, and whether fees is paid. On confirmation, the application is delivered to Her Majesty’s Passport-Office through special means.

  • Child-Passport

    Child-passports are applied for children having less than sixteen years of age at a fee of forty-six pounds with a legitimacy of five years. It usually takes three weeks for the process but it you wish to have it urgently there are provision for the same. It can be applied by the persons having parental-responsibility of the kid./p>

  • Adult-Passport

    In order to apply for adult-passport you need to be a British national. This British-passport has a legitimacy of ten-years and is applicable if you are sixteen years or greater in age. It can be applied for three weeks prior to turning sixteen years old. If you have a child-passport, you can continue using it until it expires, even if you are greater than eighteen years in age.

  • Renewing adult-passport

    For getting your adult-British-passport renewed or replaced you will have to pay 72.50 pounds as renewal charges or if you intend to avail the Passport check and send service from the Post Office, you may be charged 82.25 British pounds. The normal processing time takes three weeks to have your British-passport renewed. It is always advised not to book your travel in advance until you have a valid passport. There are three ways in which you will receive your British-passport. Either it will arrive by post through your letter box, be handed over to you at home or instructions will be left for you as to how it can be collected and from whom.

  • Cancelling lost passport

    To avoid misuse of your British-passport, your identity and personal details into unauthorised purposes, do report the loss as soon as possible. You can also report passport loss of any of your friends or relatives via online processes too.

  • Emergency Travel docs

    In case of urgency you can apply for Urgent Travel Document from the Embassy, High Commission or consulate. They may charge you with some fees but you will be able to get your documents as early as possible.

Complaints Redressal

If you wish to post complaints or have any doubts to be clarified regarding British-passport feel free to dial Passport contact numbers 0300-222-0000 which is open all-days. The timings on weekdays are from morning 8am to evening 8pm and on public holidays and Sundays morning 9 am to evening 5:30pm.